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New to Town? All First Year Businesses are given a complimentary membership for whichever portion of the current membership year remains when the owner submits their form.

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Our Mission

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Membership Benefits

Credibility - Consumers migrate to businesses they know support their community.

Events & Programs -  Membership fees are used to sponsor the Route 66 Red Carpet Festival , part of Catfish Days, a Christmas parade that attracts over 2,000 spectators and more in an effort to attract customer traffic and give members the opportunity to blend in their own promotion. 

Gift Certificates: In 2015 we paid out $3,600 to members redeeming Chamber Gift Certificates. For many, the cost of  membership more than pays for itself with gift certificates       spent in their stores.    

Visibility: As a member, the Chamber lists your business in our Member Directory plus gives members exclusive options for additional site visibility. As a member you can also take advantage of our First Dollar of Pure Profit, Merit Award for Business Improvement, Employee of the Month & Ribbon Cutting which feature photos in the Free Press Newspaper

Email Blasts: As a business owner you must be informed and the chamber strives to help by quickly disseminating information on upcoming events, pertinent City news and more to our members and other community members who sign up here

Gain a Voice in Government: The Wilmington Chamber takes on issues important to the business community. We’ve spoken as a united voice on issues such as the sign ordinance, a business registration fee, traffic issues and more.

Referrals: We pay for and answer a Wilmington phone number as a source for information for tourists, newcomers to town and longtime residents. When they ask for a referral you can bet we send them to member businesses first. 

Business Contacts: The Chamber’s most fundamental mission is to generate more business activity for the community. We initiate more business-to-business commerce and more opportunities for connecting with local professionals than is available through most other local organizations. 

Networking: The Chamber has numerous committees and opportunities to volunteer.  Serving provides networking opportunities, professional leadership development and the chance to promote our community. 

Promotion and publicity: In addition to our own digital outlets, the Chamber maintains a strong working relationship with the local newspaper in promoting community events and sponsoring businesses. Your customers see this and appreciate those who sponsor events. 


What is your reward? Customer loyalty which is vital to all of us.