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You become a member not only to showcase your sense of social responsibility and to support your community, but to drive traffic AND SALES TO YOUR OWN BUSINESS.  Take a few minutes and browse all the ways that you can make this website and our social outlets work for you. After all a Chamber Website is nothing without its members. 

Member Directory


Business Listing: Personalize, Tweak and Maximize your Listing. Make it your own with a short description, tagline or mission/vision.  We've pulled from your membership forms and digital outlets, but the details are up to you.  Look through both the detailed business info and basic contact info.  See something that you’d like changed? The form below makes it happen in a hurry.  Please attempt to keep your description line around Twitter length…not that we will cut you off at 140 characters, but as a basic guideline!


Logos: Send us the highest definition logo at your disposal. From any device except mobile, these logos offer a click through link directly to your website. We can even aim it at a specific landing page.  The same goes for your detailed listings. We can set it to any page on your site or even add a social outlet as an alternate source of info for our site visitors.


Home Page Placement


Every Chamber Business that chooses to participate by submitting an ad based on our specs is guaranteed at least a week each year on our home page, above the fold, sliding banner.  You are even encouraged to pick your dates, although none are guaranteed and slots fill on a first come first serve basis. At this time, we are able to keep the slider down to two banners ads running on any particular week.  If the submissions reach a much higher threshold or we significantly grow in member size, this may change without warning. Banner ads should be submittedin a classic Leaderboard style: a 728X90 image. While the ad can have a clickthrough option to any landing page you choose, Clickable elements are currently not supported, so make your advertisement text and image heavy and pertinent to the page you would like to send vistors to. Beyond that, please keep all content in the PG range and follow the rules and laws pertaining to responsible alcohol sales and consumption. 



Member Badge

All current member businesses and organizations are given express permission to download our logo image and show it on any advertising materials, website pages, business cards and anywhere else they see fit.  You may also request a sticker to be displayed in your storefront. 


Member Calendar

Our Calendar is not only meant to showcase Chamber meetings and events. All Member Businesses are invited to inform us of any upcoming events that you are interested in gaining a bit more reach for. We will do our best to include all that we receive that are qualified member business events, but please be sure to submit your event with a bit of time to spare. Personal parties and events are not considered qualifying.

Social outlets

In addition to our website, The Chamber also operates a Facebook page, YouTube account and Twitter handle. Businesses that submit an event or update to our Calendar, may also be mentioned via social media. 

Let Us Know!

The form below is created specifically for current members and gets delivered to a separate member's corner mailbox, so we can make your updates in as timely a manner as possible. As stated throughout the page, we won't always be able to give you the exact date you request, so please be sure to leave contact information in case we need to reach you to clear anything up or get more details or receive an attachment.  Also, feel free to send a direct email, especially in the case that you need to send an ad, logo or event flyer. 

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Please understand that we have a few volunteers and many member businesses. We will make a good faith attempt to make changes and add events in a timely manner, but we also make no guarantees as to placement or time frame nor any promises as to the reach of our posts and pages or the inclusion of every event submitted.