Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate Program



Chamber Gift Certificates make excellent gifts and reaffirm your commitment to help boost our local economy!  Recipients will have the opportunity to shop in any of our current Member Businesses, ensuring a vast selection of goods and services. 

In 2015 $3,530.00 in Wilmington Chamber of Commerce Gift Certificates were redeemed at participating Chamber businesses. 

Consumer Information

  • Anyone can purchase Wilmington Chamber of Commerce Gift Certificates at Grundy Bank in Wilmington.

  • They can be redeemed at any CURRENT Wilmington Chamber of Commerce member business.



  • Choose to spend your Chamber Cash at any member business, ranging from retail, to dining, to personal care, to services.

  • Certificates NEVER expire and can be purchased in $5, $10 and $25 increments.

  • We guarantee that participating merchants will always treat a gift certificate as a cash transaction.

Member Information

  • When presented with a Chamber Gift Certificate, treat it exactly as cash, giving change if needed.

  • Mail redeemed certificates to The Wilmington Chamber P.O. Box 724 Wilmington, Il 60481 or drop off at The Free Press Office. The Chamber will then issue and mail a check for the full amount.



  • Your business will be issued a check for the full face value of the certificate.  There are no redemption fees.

  • Chamber Gift Certificates drive traffic, which in turn drive sales, boosting our local economy and in turn our community as a whole.

Only Members in Good Standing can accept and redeem Chamber Gift Certificates.